Costar Imports has been serving Fine Jewelry Independents in the United States since 1988. Combining decades of wholesale diamond experience with talented designers and expert manufacturing specialists, we bring you the latest in Bridal & Fashion Diamond Jewelry. Quality, style, superior craftsmanship, and value are at the heart of all Costar products and our attitude to your success leads to an everlasting partnership. Having refined our diamond wholesale knowledge in India before opening two offices in the U.S., we have built our company on a “customer success” philosophy. We are very excited to work with our current and prospective customers to create product lines that set them up for success. This business philosophy has proven beneficial for our customers and Costar, and keeps Costar committed to providing more than just product. We are dedicated to treating customers extremely well. Our Customers are not just a number and making you successful is our primary goal. That is why we carry more than 500 bridal styles and over 500 fashion designs in stock for overnight delivery. We keep you supplied in options that are of impeccable quality and reasonably priced. Visit Costar